What is video marketing

Video marketing is the prospect of digital marketing as it moves ahead of conventional SEO. All social media platforms, blogs, content, websites, or brands are focusing more on video marketing nowadays. What is video marketing?. It is the future of digital marketing as it steps ahead of traditional SEO. Video animation is the future prospect.

Why feature more on video marketing?

Since the evolution in technology, the whole thought of branding and marketing has been transformed. Video marketing is a much more prolific and faster way to get your brand perception in no time than traditional SEO. An engaging video can attract your customers more accessible, faster, and can convincingly grow your sales.

Why do we feature more on video marketing?

According to Cisco, in the year 2020, 82% of the web traffic will come through videos. Placing a video on your blog post, website, profile, and other platforms would help you build a better brand and would sail your business to new heights.

Why is video marketing more potent than traditional SEO?

Ranking no.1 in google is everyone’s dream to promote their product or brand. As we all know, traditional SEO brings organic traffic to your website or profile with step by step procedures with due time. It does not happen overnight. Black hat SEO techniques are penalized by, and such brands lose their tag of recognition because of this. White hat SEO brings you in the list of people searched by Google in organic traffic.

Video animation or video marketing is a fabulous tool to convey your idea, brand, or marketing goal to your customer in seconds. It is more elaborate, convenient, more comfortable, and faster than all the older techniques. For all the advertising promotions you tend to produce in your niche within the available platforms over the web, video animation marketing can skyrocket your sales faster.

How does it work?

Video can bring more engagement to your brand or website 27% higher than click-through rates. It receives 41% more traffic to your website from search than non-users. Moreover, as the search engines love video content, it certainly increases your SEO ( search engine optimization). It works better for building your brand, reaching your customers, and increasing your sales. Video animation increases facebook engagement 10% higher, and tweeting videos increase your chances of reach 6% higher. Moreover, it helps you grow revenue for your business 49% higher than non-video users.

How much does it cost?

The cost of video animation is explained through the following;
1- Length of your video
2- complexity of the video
3-style and design you chose for your video

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